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About Us

VOSTOK NEFT SAKHALIN is one of the leaders in the Russian oil and gas industry in the efficient application of new technologies in production. The company invests in innovative development by introducing the latest developments and technologies in all areas of its activity. As one of the largest users of natural resources in the world, VOSTOK NEFT SAKHALIN strictly adheres to the highest international environmental standards and is proud of its built environment protection management system.
VOSTOK NEFT SAKHALIN considers investments in future opportunities, including innovations, to gradually reduce the specific consumption of natural resources, materials and energy at the highest possible production output. The company is focused on finding and using new technologies, which it considers one of the most important conditions not only for its own development, but also for the development of the country.

The successful solution of these tasks is facilitated by: The presence of a developed infrastructure of research centres; long-term planning of activities; implementation of innovative projects; the international cooperation.

Thanks to the adopted program of scientific and technical development, work is being carried out to create new technologies for the development of fields with viscous oil and low-permeability reservoirs, depleted fields. At the Group’s refineries, the main efforts are focused on deepening refining with an increase in the yield of light oil products and upgrading of capacities.

The company is constantly testing and introducing new highly efficient technologies to fulfil its strategic task of replenishing reserves. To increase production efficiency by reducing costs and increasing productivity, the Company is implementing a pilot project.

Our Aim

VOSTOK NEFT SAKHALIN is a leader in the process of qualitative modernisation and innovative changes in the Russian oil and gas industry. The Company’s efforts are aimed at developing the intellectual and technological potential of the industry based on the strong foundation of the Russian oil and gas school – one of the best in the world – and in partnership with leading companies in the international oil business.

As part of the implementation of the VOSTOK NEFT SAKHALIN Innovative Development Program, innovative projects has been formed, a continuous large-scale introduction of new technologies into production, both first proposed by manufacturers and successfully tested in oil and gas practice, has been organised. the approbation and implementation of technologies is carried out at several levels, depending on the strategic importance and scale of replication, including within the framework of pilot tests.



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